Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will, Age 3 Stats

I took Will to the doctor for his 3rd year check up.  He has grown so much since last year!  He is:

* 39 lbs (97%)

* 39.25 inches (90%)

He gained 12 lbs since last year!  He was only 50% for weight last year, so it seems like now he is a little more proportionate.

He did great at his appointment.  He introduced himself to people in the waiting room ("Hi, I'm William.  I'm here for my check up.")  We have been watching the new show Doc McStuffins so Will was prepared for them to check his ears, check his eyes and to find out how much he has grown.  It is a super cute show - if you have kids I highly recommend it.  He enjoyed letting the nurse listen to his heart and he wanted to listen to hers in return.  He had to get one shot that we failed to get earlier, but after some brief tears he asked if he could go get on the scale again.

He didn't want to leave when it was time to go.  I hope he feels the same at his next checkup - I hear there are lots of shots at the 4-year appt!

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