Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

 Our neighborhood has an annual Easter egg hunt, and this was our first year to attend!  We headed over with Will's best buddy Armando and family and the kids had a great time.  We met Aunt Leen and Uncle Chuck there while the little ones were in the crowds of kids to "hunt" the 6,000 eggs!  I think Will got between 12-15 and Katie probably got 10.  Both were so excited to get some candy.

Here they are in the stroller heading to the park for the hunt!  We weren't the first ones there, but we were among the last to leave.  Our last hour or so was spent in the fire station.  Will sat in every vehicle they have!  He can't wait to go back next weekend for his birthday party!

Hugging his buddy Armando

Waiting with Armando and Adele at the starting line

Checking out his tootsie rolls

Katie and her eggs

The Easter Bunny got mixed reviews from Katie and Will

Andrew seemed to love him

Armando and Will tried to give him candy and Will kept asking him "Do you hop?"  The bunny never talked, and Will still talks about how the bunny didn't answer his question because he couldn't talk.

synchronized tootsie roll unwrapping


Will getting his

in the fire engine

fire girl

heading to the drivers seat

driving the ambulance

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