Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Will's 3rd Birthday Party

 This past weekend we celebrated Will's third birthday at the local firestation.  Will had a great time and I think his friends did too!  We spent about 30 minutes climbing in the fire trucks and ambulances at the fire house, and then headed across the street to the park for lunch and cake. 

Will and Armando in the driver seat

Our fire girl

Great Gramma Jo and Ahma loved seeing Katie

Will and Armando looking for stray tennis balls

Time for cupcakes!

Cousin Guerin with a cupcake


me and Katie Booms

Cousin Andrew had a great time!

Will and Armando hiding in the bushes with lollipop colored smiles

they found a worm!

Will wrapping himself up in my skirt as we walk to the car...

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