Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is up!  The first thing Will had to do was to trim it.  He ran to find his play-doh scissors so he could help trim.  I love his understanding of language and it is fun to have the reminder of how many ways we use words that sound the same but mean something completely different.

This year Will gets Christmas!  It is so fun to watch him get excited about the holiday.  We are going to see Santa today and Will has asked that I tell Santa what he wants - a hippopotamus and a reindeer.  He isn't interested in talking to him directly, and I am not sure how well he will do on his lap.  We will find out in a few hours!

Dad holding Will up to trim!

Katie sitting by our tree so no one else gets it!

not crawling yet...but close!

more trimming... this time with ornaments and not scissors

he loves the jingle bells

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