Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Closer to crawling

 We spent Thanksgiving in Austin this year and luckily this meant we also got 2 thanksgiving dinners!  We had thanksgiving lunch at the Kerrs and dinner at the Forsbergs.  It was Katie and Andrew's first thanksgiving, and Lovey and Granddad are just so smitten with these two and of course with Will.  It was great to have them all together.

During our stay with Ahma and Bapa, Katie got a little closer to crawling as you can see here.  She has one leg out (just like Will crawled) but she cant seem to figure out what to do with the other leg.  Usually it results in her laying on her belly but I am curious if one day she will crawl.

 I just couldn't stop taking pictures of her with the beautiful natural light.  Her eyes just seem to sparkle!

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