Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 This has to be one of the best Christmas's we have ever had.  Will is at such a fun age so he got into Santa and all things Christmas this year.  We loved our elf on the shelf Chippy and were sad to see him go, but oh my goodness did Santa come!  Will opened his first gift (Air Force One) and he said "I am so happy!"  That was really what he wanted and he would have been content with that.  It was so fun to see.  He wanted to open up the whole set and all the pieces before he opened up any more presents.  By the time we did the second Christmas with Ahma and Bapa he had the hang of things and knew the drill.  I think he will be sad when the tree comes down and when Christmas season is officially over.  I will be too - it was so fun to have such focused time with the littles and family.

Katie got lots of fun girly things - including her first dollhouse and two new dolls.  I am so excited to enjoy these things with her.  She also got 2 bottom teeth to accompany the one up top.  She is growing up so quickly! 

I can't image how fun it will be when both of them will be as into Christmas as Will was this year!
Christmas Eve Eve Shopping at Janie and Jack

Cheetos with Lovey

Will's fire chief outfit from Aunt Leen and Uncle Chuck

Katie and Andrew

Katie trying to do a no look steal of Will's pizza

Snowman Andrew!  4 months old

Chippy's last night

Setting up Will's new train set

Santa came!

Katie under the tree

Katie and her new carriage

So happy

Will opening his piggy bank

Loading up the bank

Putting together his plane with Granddad

One of his favorites - his new crane truck


Will holding Bapa's hand for Christmas #2

Katie and Ahma

Putting together Katie's first dollhouse

Flying his new helicopter

Helping Bapa put together his airplane

Katie pushing her new doll in her new stroller

Walking with Ahma

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