Monday, December 19, 2011

A visit to the Fire Station

 Yesterday was one of my favorite Sundays of the year.  We had Aunt Leen, Uncle Chuck and Andrew over for breakfast and then Will and I headed to the park while Chad stayed with Katie while she napped. 

We had a great time playing with the neighborhood kids and then they all headed home.  We decided to walk over to the fire station since Will really wanted to know if they had a pole to slide down.  I told him that if we saw a fireman we would ask.  Well, there were no firemen outside the firehouse.  We had seen a firetruck leave a while earlier, so Will decided we could just wait for it to come back.  Not knowing if that would be 5 minutes or 5 hours, I decided to ring the bell for assistance.  A fireman came down and told us that they don't have a pole anymore.  They used to, but when they expanded the garage to hold more emergency trucks, they had to lose the pole. 

While he is telling us the story, a firetruck and ambulance come back to the station.  They ask if Will wants to go climb in the firetruck.  I think that made his whole life.  His face lit up and he was in heaven.  They let him climb up into the drivers seat, turn on all the lights, and ring the bell.  He was just so happy.  He even later told me "I am so happy!"  It was so fun to experience this with him!

They gave him a fire hat and told us to come back anytime (I don't think they realize that would be daily if Will could pick!).  They were all so great with Will and you could see they do shared in his excitement.  How fun to see life through the eyes of a 2.5 year old!

Will in his fire hat.  When he wears this, he says "Look, I'm a REAL fireman!"

Learning how to turn on the lights

Ringing the bell

Back at the park

This serves as his park firetruck

Using his hose (stick) to put out fires

Spraying me with his hose (stick).  He has a great imagination!

He loved his hat so much he slept in it. Not sure how that was remotely comfortable but I am not sure he cared.

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