Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Activities

 December is flying by!  We are having a great month filled with all things Christmas.  It is hard to believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!

As for Will, he is still set on a reindeer and a hippo, both have been procured and will be waiting for him in his Santa bag along with a bulldozer and some other goodies.  This year has been extra fun - he is just so into everything.  He loves Christmas lights, our elf on the shelf Chippy, our Christmas tree, wreaths - EVERYTHING.  We have seen Santa twice, once with horror and once with success.  He must have told Santa at least 5x what was on his wish list. 

We went on a carriage ride to see the lights with friends.  Will was in awe and so was Katie.  She just kept pointing to the lights and chatting.  She seemed to enjoy it just as much as everyone else. 

We are going to do one more carriage ride with Aunt Leen, Uncle Chuck and Andrew.  Will asks everyday if today is the day we will go on the carriage ride.  He is just a little eager.

As for Chippy, we are loving finding him a home every day.  Today he is sitting in a martini glass in our display case.  Will got really close to him and asked "Chippy, are you comfy in there?"  He looks awfully contorted with his legs bent back and all so it was a really good question.  With questions and comments like these, I sometimes I forget he is only 2.5. 

Will is also really into doing the Advent Calendar with his dad.  Every morning, it is one of his first questions - "Can we do the advent calendar daddy!"  Who doesn't want a piece of chocolate before breakfast?  I think the advent calendar will be an annual tradition for him to do with Chad.  When he gets older, there is a Star Wars Lego version that I am sure we will own.

Right now, we are really into making "North Poles" for our Santas around the house.  Each Santa needs their own North Pole, so we build each their own.  One night I put them away hoping that he would forget and move onto the next thing, but instead we had to immediately build a North Pole for my favorite Santa (a wooden Santa I bought in Russia - who knew I would let my kids play with it???).  So, our coffee table is currently also where we keep our North Poles.  I assume it will be this way for a while.

Each day is fun filled.  Katie is now really playing with Will (i.e. taking his toys) but she isn't mobile yet.  I assume when that happens life will change a bit again for us.  She seems to be strong willed.  I have no idea where she got this.  :)

*Darling pics by Ali Wood Photography!

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