Friday, March 4, 2011

Will is 23 Months Old!

 Will is 23 months old!  He has had a great first month as a big brother.  He is sweet to Katie and it looks like he will be a great big brother!

This month Will:
* is saying more words in Spanish.  He speaks more Spanish to Loli, and he occassionally speaks it to me and Chad.  He recently asked us for a manzana (apple) and luckily I knew what it was!

* discoved sidewalk chalk.  We did it almost everyday. 

* spent many afternoons in a dirt pile.

* started repeating everything that we say.

* started to call Loli "Loli" instead of "Ne Ne".  This is bittersweet as we are excited to watch him grow but sad it is happening so fast!

*  has a new favorite food - Mini Nilla Wafers which he calls "Loli's cookies"

Sitting on the monkey...

With the monkey

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