Saturday, March 19, 2011

Missing Grandpa John

On St Patrick's day, we said goodbye to Chad's grandfather, Grandpa John.  John was an incredible man and strong influence on Chad's life who I was so lucky to get to know and instantly love over the past 5 years.  He always welcomed us with a big, strong hug and contagious smile.  He seemed to always have a sparkle in his eye.  He had genuine interest and concern for every one in his life even up to his last days.

One of the most touching things for me was to see the strong love that he and Grandma Jo Ann have for each other.  While we saw it often when they were together, there was nothing as touching as seeing them together in the last weeks of Grandpa John's life.  Their love is really indescribeable and will forever leave an inprint on my heart.

We look forward to sharing the things we learned from Grandpa John with our kids.  We are so glad Grandpa John got to meet Will and Katie, and I am thrilled that my kids got to meet their fabulous great grandfather. 

We will miss you Grandpa John!

At our wedding in 2008

Grandpa John holds Will - 1 day old

With Grandma Jo, Becky and Will

With Will (5 months) and Chad

With Jessica and Katie (4 weeks old)

Will comforts Chad with a hug

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