Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How did we get this lucky?

I am not sure how we got this lucky, but Katie is an absolute dream baby.  I have been hesitant to say that out loud or blog about it as I figure once I put it out there, things would change.  However, she continues to amaze me and I have to write about her at 5 weeks old before she gets older and before I forget!

At 5 weeks old, Katie is sleeping 7-8 hours a night.  She eats around 10 or 10:30pm and then she is out until 6am or so.  The only reason I get her up at 6am is because she is so loud that I cannot fall back asleep!  When I get her in the morning, her eyes are always shut so she is still sleeping and would likely even sleep longer!  We have her in our room sleeping in a swing, and we are moving her back to her room tonight to see how long she will sleep. 

When Katie is awake and hungry, she eats for about 10-20 minutes and then is content to be held and just look around.  The only exception is in the evening when she really tanks up and eats every hour or so - I guess in preparation for her long sleep at night.

She doesn't mind tummy time and I have been letting her sleep on her tummy when I am with her.  We spend most mornings upstairs and wait for Will and Loli to leave for the park before coming downstairs.  We usually step out of the house for an afternoon errand or walk.  She then spends most of the late afternoon in her car seat so I can take her outside when Will is awake and she just goes with the flow. 

I keep waiting for this to change, but it doesn't!  Even if it does, I am totally okay with it.  This time around I realize how quickly this newborn phase passes so I am soaking up every minute.

I am a lucky mama! I am getting lots of rest which is making this maternity leave way too fun! It will be hard to go back to work!

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