Friday, March 28, 2014

Croquet and an ER Visit

 We went to our friend's house for a day of games.  Katie took to croquet while Will enjoyed telling everyone to come in when it was raining and organizing the Gatorade in a cooler.  I am pretty sure seeing so many Gatorade flavors was a highlight for him.

While eating lunch and drinking Gatorade, we started talking to some kids at the table behind us.  As Will was turning in his chair, the chair tipped and Will's forehead hit squarely on the table behind us.  I saw it happen and knew it was split and would require stitches.  When I saw that it didn't split, I was relieved!  I held him and consoled him and after a few minutes I put him down to check on his head. 

I was not ready for what I saw!

There was a huge goose egg on his forehead.  It was white and blue and brought tears to my eyes.  By this time, Will had stopped crying and I started crying!

We took him to the ER since this was a first.  Will was thrilled to be going to the hospital.  He loves all things doctor related.  On the way there, he had lots of questions.  "Is this where Aunt Leen works?"  "Do they have a fish tank?" (No, that was Dell Childrens - where we went for our Austin ED visit last summer.)  "Will they take pictures of my bones?"

He was fine.  Nothing to worry about, but I definitely slept better knowing he was ok.


Katie holding Gwendolyn - she was in heaven

 Will's shiner - on the way to the ER

You can see how big it was here - Will resting in the ER waiting room

Waiting to be discharged

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