Friday, March 28, 2014

Bike Rides

 Will is loving his bike.  So much so, before we started on our bike ride on this particular day, Will requested we stop by the bike store to get a light for his bike.  While we were there, he also inquired about getting additional baskets and bags for his bike so he could carry his "paper collection".  He might be a hoarder.

Luckily, the nice man at the bike store explained that his bike cannot accommodate saddlebags.  He even had to show Will that the rack would not fit on his current bike.  Will is ready to grow so he can get the next size bike. 

We think Will rode about 7 miles on this day.  He and I went on a ride and then he and Chad went on another bike ride on the Katy Trail.  I foresee a lot of bike rides in our future this spring!

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