Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Katie at 3

Katie is a fabulous 3.  I am loving her at this age.  She continuously makes us laugh and smile.  This post is more for me so I can remember what she was like at 3.  There are so many things I never want to forget.

Katie speaks in the cutest broken English.  She says things like "This not match."  "This don't go here".  She pronounces words like "hair" as "here-ear" - 2 syllables. 

She loves her babies.  Babies are anything from traditional baby dolls, her boppy that she will act like it's a baby, and real babies.  Sometimes when she sees real babies, she will say "I buy that baby."

She loves puzzles, milk, anything pink, her mama's snuggles, her daddy's tickles.

She loves to help.  "I help you do it."  She wants you to watch tv with her and will say "You watch it happen" which I love.  If you look away she will say things like "you not see it!"

She will very clearly tell you that she is not a baby, she is a big girl.  Pronounced more like "big gurl."   "Put that over there" is more like "put dat over dare."  And Will is and hopefully always will be "Toto" to her.

She loves guacamole

She loves a doctor's office visit

She loves her daddy

Helping make mac 'n cheese.  She holds the handle while Will stirs.

She loves this horse - Clyde.  He gets his hair done regularly.

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