Monday, March 5, 2012

Almost Walking

 Katie has been almost walking for over a week.  She can take 10-15 steps on her own, but she still crawls more than walks so I don't think it is official yet.  Here is my first picture of her walking to me - she is finally far enough away that I can get a full body shot.  She looks confident!

Katie and one of her favorite things, Maggie

Poor Maggie - still wearing a Christmas collar!

She loves to point

making a call

I think she looks like a little baby model here with her pose!


  1. so proud of katie! Molly will take about two steps and that's it! I LOVE that skirt! The cutest thing! she does look like a little model! So precious!

  2. That skirt is adorable but not quite as cute as the girl wearing it.