Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Will's First Trip to the Dentist

At Will's two-year check up, our pediatrician (who we love!) told us that Will should see the dentist.  I didn't think he needed to go right then - he was only 2, didn't have all his teeth and we were brushing daily.  So today, 42 days before his third birthday and 46 days before his 3 year-old check up, I took him to the dentist.  I wanted to make sure I could tell her that I did take him to the dentist.

So we got to Dr Colter's office and had a great time waiting in the bean bag chairs.  I think this might be Will's first exposure to them, and they were a hit.  Every minute or two, he would ask - "have they called my name yet?"  He was pretty ready to see the dentist.

I too went to the dentist when I was 2 years old, however, I left needing a root canal.  True story, and probably one of the contributing reasons as to why I disliked the dentist when I was growing up.  I was so impressed with how well the staff handled Will and how they explained everything to him.  He loved it!

He asked for some gloves to match his hygienist Ashley.  She gave him a pair and they were instant friends.  He did a great job cooperating as she cleaned his teeth and while he got x-rays.  He only had a hard time when I would not sit in a kids chair for him to be the dentist and clean my teeth.  He left with orange gloves, purple gloves, a balloon, a bag of treats, a spider, a snake and a sticker.  It was like a kid jackpot.

In the end, I was wrong.  I should have taken Will to the dentist earlier.  Will has 2 cavities - both on his "fangs" as I call them.  He has a tight upper lip and has a hard time letting us get up to the top of these teeth to brush.  I think if I had gone a year ago, they probably would have warned me about this so we could have focused more on that area.  Lesson learned... we will take Katie earlier.  He also got my crowded mouth.  Poor guy... they can already tell he likely will need braces when he is older.  I have had a tough dental history so I hope he is a bit better off than me. 

picking out his flavor

gloves on and ready!





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