Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blast Off Man

Will is really into space shuttles.  He likes to watch You Tube videos on space shuttles taking off.  Here he is watching a recording of Columbia taking off - a view from the inside. 

We play "Blast Off Man" where our bed is a space shuttle.  We have to get in, close the doors, and Will pushes some buttons on a pillow that is designated as the controller.  Our travels are about 3 seconds before we land somewhere - like a shoe store where he then proceeds to take all the shoes out of our closet and put them on the bed or a garbage dump where everything around us is garbage and needs to be thrown into the bed as well.

We were driving the other day and Will asked if I wanted to play Blast Off Man.  I said sure, and then as I was driving I told him I was taxiing for take off.  He corrected me and let me know that space shuttles don't do that, they just blast off.  I am amazed when he corrects me...and he is right!  I love this blast off man!

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