Monday, February 27, 2012

Haircut Needed

 Chad doesn't often comment about the kids needing anything, but yesteday he mentioned that he thought Katie needed a haircut.  I wasn't sure - she has been wearing bows all the time so while it was long, it seemed fine.  Then I took her to the park and forgot a bow.  Wow, Chad was right.  Check out my shaggy baby girl!  I am going to take her to get her haircut this week!

swinging.  this girl LOVES the park!


watching the ducks


passing the bigger kids to get to the slide

on our way home, we saw Maddie.

Maddie wanted to try her hand at photography

Her shots turned out great! 

Maddie's shot proving yet again that Katie needs a haircut!

Maddie came over to play.  She and Will had a blast!

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