Friday, February 10, 2012

2 Steps and an Ear Infection

 Today was a big day.  Katie took 2 steps on her own while I was watching (after taking 1 step a few times with Loli) and she got her first ear infection.  I thought she had come down with one last Saturday (she was clingy and was patting her right ear) so I took her to the doc in the box, but she checked out fine.  It must have been in the early stages then as well as for her one-year appointment on Tuesday.  Today she looked like she had pink eye and it turns out it is an ear infection and eye infection.  Poor girl.

You wouldn't know she was sick.  She has been eating and sleeping well and laughing and giggling and taking steps.  Here are pictures from this morning.  Although now that I look closely, her right eye is a little puffy. It wasn't obvious until this afternoon.

Hopefully she is on the mend and will be feeling better quickly.  I am eager to see how many steps she will take tomorrow!

clapping for herself

with Loli

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