Wednesday, February 2, 2011

22 Months Old!

Will is 22 months old today!  Today Will woke up an only child, and he will go to bed a big brother! 

This month Will...

* missed Santa and all things Christmas.  He still talks about Santa when we drive down the streets that fornerly had lights and Christmas decor. 

* is loving his new room!  In the morning, we can easily play in his room for an hour before we go downstairs.  He calls my name when he wakes up, and usually waits for me to come in the room before getting down.  I have been greeted with "I play" and also a "McQueen".  He immediately gets off his bed and plays.  The transition was much easier than Chad and I imagined it would be.

* fell in love with the movie cars.  We got this to take on a road trip, but we didn't go anywhere so we watched it at home and it was an instant hit.  He loves McQueen, Mater, Red, Flo and Mack.  I'm sure he likes the others, but these few are requested by name.

* loves to climb ladders.  He climbs them and acts like he is changing the light bulbs.

* likes to shop with me on  Well, really he requested that we look at trucks, star wars and things from the movie cars.  He will sit on my lap and ask to look at certain things.  When he sees items that he owns, he runs to get them and bring them to hold up in front of the computer.  For the things he doesn't have and wants, he says "I play!"  The items he appears to want include a McQueen he can ride in and some large digger trucks. 

* still loves Star Wars and "sings" the Imperial March when playing with Darth Vadar.  It is hilarious - I need to get a video soon.

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