Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seaside Day 1

We arrived in Seaside!  Traveling with Will and Katie gets easier every time.  This is the first trip where they completely entertained themselves.  The flight was relaxing and I actually got to watch a show while Katie colored.  It was life changing.

We are staying in Take Five this year on our favorite street West Ruskin.  It's our favorite location as the kids can run to the beach!

We went to the beach today and it was a little rough.  Chad and Will spent some time in the waves while Katie and I stayed back and created sand drinks for the swimmers.  Katie could play in the sand all day while Will really prefers the water.

After some beach time we headed to Duckies for a trip treat.  The kids each got to pick out a toy - Will got a car and Katie got a tiara.  Katie wore her tiara to dinner at Bud and Alleys.  Bud and Alleys has to be our favorite place.  The food is divine and the kids enjoy eating outside.  All was good until it started storming - thunder, lightning and major rain.  We enjoyed some dessert to wait out the storm and then ran home, stomping in the puddles along the way.

 Family photos - passing the time during the storm

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