Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seaside Day 5

The last day in Seaside is always bittersweet.  While I don't really want to go home, I do want to have more home cooked meals and less sand all over the place.

We headed to the beach for another fun day.  Today's beach surprise was baby jellyfish!  They were all over the water and you could just barely see the pinkish tan outlines of their bodies.  They didn't sting so after a while we started collecting them.  If that wasn't fun enough the kids made friends with some other folks on the beach - Will with a man next to us who was catching small fish and suddenly we had a few of our own, and Katie with some older girls who were building a "drizzle sand castle" and asked Katie if she wanted to help.  While we often see Will make friends with strangers, it was fun to see Katie do this as well. She used to be shy and may not have done this a year ago, but she is now 3.5 and not nearly as shy as she used to be.

The kids literally run to the beach

Katie holding a baby jellyfish

Will and Katie getting some fish from Will's new friend

Katie showing off her jellyfish 

Building an aquarium for his new fish

Off to catch more fish with his new friend

Katie and her new friends building a drizzle sand castle

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