Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4th of July

We went to Austin and San Antonio for the 4th of July this year. 

We headed to Ahma and Bapa's house first where we got to see Cousin Guerin and then headed to a 4th of July celebration at the golf club.  The kids had a blast getting balloon animals, clearing the sand traps on the golf course and just spending time with family.

The next morning we drove to the Hyatt Hill Country with Ahma and Bapa and spent the next few days on the lazy river.  We all loved floating around and we lost count of how many times we made the loop.  They had amazing fire words on the 4th  and this was the first time the kids stayed up for them.  They loved them!  

On the way home we stopped at Lovey and Granddad's for a swim before taking the Will and Chad to the airport.  They had to fly back to Dallas for work and camp and Katie and I stayed behind and got to visit with the Snyders.  Katie and Amelie were fast friends and it was so fun to see them play together!
Playing in Ahma and Bapa's basement

You can really see Will's new tooth coming in!

Will and Guerin

At the 4th of July party at the golf club - Katie loved her balloon pink poodle

Taking the golf cart to our car

Looking for hummingbirds at Ahma and Bapa's

Hyatt Hill Country lazy river

 the assistant porter


Ahma checks Will's other teeth to see if they are wiggly

 heading home

Plane selfie

Puppet show by Amelie and Katie

Sweet note Amelie wrote Katie (Kade) after our visit.  

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