Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Will lost a tooth

We had an unexpected surprise - Will lost his first tooth!  We knew two teeth were starting to wiggle, per the dentist visit in February.  However, we haven't really talked about it much since then.  Will was telling our neighbor about his two wiggly teeth, and when she wiggled them she told me that it could come out that night... and it did!

Will was so excited and so proud.  He was so pleased that the tooth fairy brought him a "gold coin" - a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.  He ran into our bedroom early the next morning with a big (one-tooth-less) smile on his face and showed us his treasure.

I find myself staring at his mouth all the time now!  He looks different without one of his bottom teeth.  While it is hard for me to see him growing up so fast, he is thrilled to be hitting these milestones.
Birdseye view - you can see the permanent tooth is already showing! 

Will's selfie

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