Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wiggly Teeth!

Yesterday Will had his regular 6-month check up with the dentist.  He was so excited to go see Ashley, his hygienist, that you would have thought we were going to the toy store. He was all smiles!

He was having lunch with his friends, and I stopped by to pick him for his appointment.  I asked if he had finished his lunch he said that he ate some, but then he was just too excited so he didn't finish his lunch.

I have never seen so much excitement about going to the dentist!

On the way there, I realized we were going to a different office - the office where I get my retainer.  I told Will about this, and he was dead set that he too would be getting a retainer.

We walked into the office and the first question he asked is "Can I get my retainer today?"  The receptionist passed him off to Ashley who then said the dentist would need to look at his teeth to see if he needs a retainer.

When the dentist looked in his mouth, she told him she was checking to see if he needs one... Sadly for Will, he didn't need one that day... but as she checked his teeth she noticed that 2 of them are wiggly!  I can barely see them move, but they do move!  It might be a while until they fall out (6 months or so) and I am all for waiting as long as possible for that to happen!

Will was so excited about his wiggly teeth that we had to make some calls from the car to let people know, and when we got back to meet up with his friends, he ran to tell them.  He even said "this is the best day ever!"

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