Saturday, April 26, 2014


We had a fun Easter weekend!  First stop was to see the bunnies.  This year we went to Niemans instead of North Park in hopes the line we be shorter.  Not only was it shorter, it was filled with our friends which made it even more fun for us.

When it was Will and Katie's turn, they sat down and the bunny started hopping away.  Will helped the bunny back into place, and then it happened again.  Will thought it was hilarious, but the photographer warned him to be careful - this bunny bites!  Will then yells to me "Mommy!  This bunny bites!  I think the bunnies at the other mall are better!"

I loved how this picture turned out!  We have come a long way since last year and the year before!  My, how they have grown in the past year!

We also celebrated Easter with an Easter egg hunt with the Ioppolos like we do every year as well!  (Here are links to 2012 and 2013.)  It is such a fun tradition and we all enjoy our time together - they are more like family than friends!

For Easter, we went to our friend Somer's farm!  It was great fun to see her animals, play in the bluebonnets and have another egg hunt!  It was so nice to get away from city life just for a little bit and really relax!

 Celebrating Adele's birthday

Making a rocky home for her bugs

Egg hunt!

Checking out what they got

Katie paints her toes



The boys and their water guns

 The Easter Bunny brought bubble wands!


Oh how I love this one of Will!

Egg hunt!

Hiding her eyes just still peeking while they hide the eggs

One more stop in the bluebonnets on the way home!

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  1. I cannot believe how big they are!! It seriously blows my mind. They are so adorable!