Thursday, August 1, 2013

Starving Musicians

This morning Will came into my office playing his saxophone with our Central Market shopping bag around his neck.  He said "I want to go earn some money."  He wanted to go out front and play his saxophone and have people give him money.

Apparently when they go to the Aquarium with Chad, there is usually a man out front playing a saxophone and Chad gives Will money to put in the man's bag.  He was looking to do the same on our residential street at 7a.m.

He asked why no one was giving him money.   Not a single person was outside at 7a.m., so I explained that it was a little early for people to be outside walking around.  He told me we should probably go to a busy street.  He was totally serious and ready to go down to Hillcrest and play.  I imagined him playing outside the Starbucks in his pj's...

Luckily, I used Katie as my scapegoat and told Will she was inside and likely looking for us.  

He then went and got his partner in crime and they both played until the mosquitoes forced us inside.

Will is a little frustrated that no one is giving them money!


  1. Love it! Great story to tell him when he gets older. Love the sibling band picture!