Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seaside Day 1: Traveling

Today we left for Seaside, Florida.  This is our third annual visit and the kids were so excited to get on the plane!  A nice gentleman named Solomon took us to the airport.  Will told him that he had a stop watch and that he would time him.  Within 1 minute of leaving our house, he was already asking "are we there yet?"  This is the first time he has asked this on a trip, and I certainly now see why people joke about this.  I should have counted the number of times this was asked from the car to the airport until we pulled in front of our beach house.

We love our beach house this year!  It is perfect for us and luckily just two doors down from some friends that are here as well.  It is just a block from the beach and a block from town.  One of the best things about the house from the kids perspective is the number of doors to get into the house.  There are 6 on the first floor - including a door that enters from the outdoor shower to the indoor shower - clearly a stroke of genius for keeping the sand out of the house.  The kids are constantly going in and out while they play follow the leader or marching band (complete with kitchen utensils as instruments).

We ate at the trailers for dinner - the kids were pleased to see The Melt Down still had the most amazing grilled cheeses - complete with no crust!  

We are looking forward to some beach time tomorrow!

Waiting to board the plane

Enjoying some in flight drinks

Baby too!

We arrived!  Waiting for luggage

Our beach house - This Side of Paradise - and it was!

The outdoor shower leads to this indoor shower

Extra bedroom

Kids bedroom

Our porch - Katie loves the "baby swing"

Master Bedroom

 The kids LOVED all the stairs - this staircase took you too a rooftop terrace

Will enjoying the first of many grilled cheeses from The Melt Down

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  1. love all the beach pics! They look so happy together!