Thursday, May 30, 2013

Night time with Will

I decided I would try to spend some more time with Will after Chad had him all snugged into bed.  This is such a sweet time to talk to him, and I wanted to soak it in.  It is so fun to have these sweet conversations in the dark, but it is so hard because he doesn't want me to leave.  So, I'm not sure I can make it a regular thing, but maybe a treat?  Or once a week?  Still have to figure that all out... 

Here are the first two highlights from two nights of our bedtime talks:

Day 1: Will and I snuggled in his bed and were chatting.  I asked him if he wanted to say a goodnight prayer.  He responded with "Yes!  Let me lead you in a prayer."  His phrasing was just darling.  And so he starts, "Dear God and Dear Santa...".

Day 2:  We were talking about growing up and he reiterated that he still wants to a daddy.  "I want to be a daddy when I grow up.  I am going to have babies.  No, Katie will be the mommy because boys can't have babies."  Then there was a pause, and suddenly with excitement... "Oh, did you know I have nipples?  I have nipples!" {he sits up in bed and pulls up his shirt.}  "Look at my nipples!  I can feed the babies!  I have nipples!"  I'm laughing typing this as I relive his excitement.  I didn't have the heart to explain that he doesn't really have the right equipment for feeding babies. 

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