Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Pacifier Purchase

I took Katie shopping with me one day.  We popped into a kid's clothing store, and before I knew it Katie had opened a Wubanub pacifier and had it in her mouth.  Neither Katie nor Will ever took a pacifier, so this was a first!  So, we are now the new owners of a pacifier.

After Will and Katie thoroughly enjoyed crawling around the house acting like babies with pacifiers, Katie decided the paci was for her baby.  It now resides in her diaper bag, so when we take baby for walks, we stop often to feed/change/shush/sing to/snuggle/ and now offer a pacifier to baby.  It is so sweet to see these natural maternal instincts.

Teaching baby to walk

Giving the baby the paci

Poor baby had a terrible case of diaper rash - on her head.  Katie applied enough diaper rash cream to last this baby a life time!


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  1. ok- both of those outfits are the cutest thing ever!