Monday, March 25, 2013

Little Artist

 Katie is really into painting and coloring, and unfortunately, everything is her canvas.  That includes her body, her brothers face, our floor, our TV (!!!) and even a wall.  I'm sure there is more that I am blocking out forgetting.

This is one of the few things where Will follows her lead vs the the other way around.  He was never into body art until Katie started.  See below for pictures of their body painting the night before we were supposed to go take pictures with little bunnies for Easter.  

 Getting in the water table to get the paint off

The night before Easter pictures... I think this picture really shows how meticulous Katie is with her coloring and it seems obvious here that Will was just copying her.  He looks like he could care less, Katie looks proud!


Katie is also really into drawing.  Here is a picture she made with a piece of printer paper and a pen she found in my purse.  She was so proud of her masterpiece!

Close up

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