Monday, March 25, 2013

Hold You and I Do

 Katie is talking a lot more all of a sudden.  She repeats a lot more words and seems to have a lot to say.  Chad and I love that she says "Hold You" when she wants to be held.  Will did the same thing, and we think it comes from us asking "Do you want me to hold you?"

She also is doing so much on her own - she is quite independent.  She will tell you "I do" which is more like "eyedo" all together. (My parents say I said "me do it" and was similar with needing independence.)  She likes to climb into her car seat and buckle her own buckles.  Trying to help her only results in a longer process where she has to undo what you did to help.  She zips her own boots, puts on her own shoes, zips her PJ's, puts on her bloomers, etc.  She is very proud of all she can do and will you look at me and smile when she does something on her own.

Sliding with dad

Pushing dad in the swing

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