Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Will hasn't grasped the idea that there can be two words in English that mean the same thing.  Therefore, if he knows that one word is English, then the other one must be Spanish.

Will was eating Skittles and told me that in Spanish they were called M&Ms.  He was sitting on our sofa and said "This is a sofa right?"  When I agreed, he told me that in Spanish it was a couch.  Same with the words kid and child.  "I'm a kid in English, right?  In Spanish, I'm a child."

I love that he thinks about the equivalent words in Spanish and English.  Is this part of being bilingual at an early age?  While I am not bilingual by any means, but I rarely (never?) have thoughts on what an object is in Spanish just during a normal day.  Will says these things during regular conversation so it is fascinating to me.  Does he think in both languages?  It would be fun to be inside his brain and see what all is going on!

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