Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Month of iPhone Photos

Will makes pictures for his friends while sitting at his "desk"

Katie and her {rubberband} bracelets

Katie and Will high five after Will buckles Katie in her car seat

Will and Sophia at the park

Katie pushing her babies to the playground at Ahma and Bapa's house

Pushing her baby in the swing

Will on a digger

Will and Bapa busy at work

Will with Granddad and Bapa

Kathleen and Andrew

Will and Katie on their UT Campus tour

Katie enjoying some ice cream at Chick-fil-A

Will Bee making and sampling some honey at the Perot

Katie wearing Will's new Star Wars undies

Will in his art tub

Will and the light up rings

Picking out our tree!


Wil's first gingerbread house

Chad as the "Vampirate" - A Will-coined term which is likely a cross between a Vampire and a Pirate, but really Chad just acts like he flys around and then he tickles the kids he finds

Katie, so proud to have her baby in the high chair

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