Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dec 2, 2012

If history repeated itself, today Katie would be a big sister!  Today Katie is the same age Will was the day Katie was born. 

Hard to believe how the time goes!  22 months ago I could not imagine how I could love another baby like I loved Will.  Was it possible?  Indeed it is.  Thankfully, the heart grows as needed and there is plenty of love for both of these cuties.  I just adore them both and while we had 22 months alone with Will, I hardly remember what it was like not to have Katie here.  I love that.

On a nerdy note, I also love the numbers of my family.  Chad was born on 4/22, Will on 4/2, and Katie on 2/2.  The kids are 22 months apart.  Today, Katie is 22 months old and Will is 44 months old.  I love the numbers...

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