Tuesday, November 27, 2012


 We had a wonderful thanksgiving in Austin!  We stayed with my parents along with Kathleen, Chuck and Andrew and it was so fun to all be under one roof!  I think we will plan to do it again soon!

The kids spent lots of time outside as it was at least 75 degrees most of the time we were there!  It was gorgeous and I was reminded of how beautiful Austin is.  Growing up there, I certainly had no appreciation of this as it was all I knew.  Returning home now, I just love the drives on 360 between the cliffs.  Sides of the highways filled with trees, some changing colors and some adorned with Christmas ornaments.  Between this, the lakes and the hills, it makes me want to move...if only I didn't love life in Dallas so much!

I forgot my camera when we headed to Bill and Becky's for Thanksgiving, so I am lacking any actual Thanksgiving photos!  Here are some from our lunch at a burger place with a playground (I wish we had these in Dallas!).

Climbing the wall

This playground was huge - certainly meant for bigger kids than mine!

but that didn't stop Will...

...or Katie!

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