Friday, November 2, 2012

School Pictures

 We got Will's school pictures today, and despite my initial thought, we actually did not miss a memo to wear a white shirt.  They told us he could wear either uniform and apparently we are the only ones who opted for the blue shirt!  It has been fun for Will to tell us every one's name in the picture so we can put a face with the names we hear about regularly. 

Today I read to his class which was really fun.  Will got to pick 3 books from home for us to read, so we took Officer Buckle and Gloria (thanks Carey!), Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, and Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site (thanks Meagan!).  Will tried to recite the books as I read.  He sat on my lap as I read and loved telling his friends about his books. 

It was such a fun experience and again it elevates my respect for these teachers.  They are so patient and sweet to this group of 16 3-4 year olds!

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