Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 I love November in that I usually do spend some time reflecting on all the things I am thankful for.  There is no way to list them all, but each day I am reminded of how wonderful life is.  I think having small kids helps me enjoy the moment - the little things.  We get excited when we see a snail, the UPS truck, a newly put up Christmas tree.  Going to the store is exciting as is getting clean blankies of the dryer.  It is wonderful getting to see life through the eyes of a child. For that, I am truly thankful. 

Here are some other things on my gratitude list...

I am thankful for kids who fall asleep in the car after a fun trip to the aquarium with their dad.

I am thankful to have a little girl, and to see how Chad interacts with her and how both of their faces light up when they see each other.  I am also thankful that Chad has no problem with the amount of clothes I buy for her!

I am so thankful for Katie is a healthy little girl.  Her smile melts my heart and I love her blooming personality.  She lets us know what she wants, but she mostly just goes with the flow.  She is really social, loves to be around people, and loves to eat when others are eating.  I also love that her first word was Mama.


I love her eyes...

And I love her hair!  I also love this darling dress we are borrowing from my best friend Amye.

I love that Will and Katie have each other.  I love that Will asks where Katie is when she isn't with us and that he can make her laugh so easily.  I love that she looks for him when she is getting ready for bed and doesn't fall asleep easily until they have played together for a little bit.  It has become our routine.

I love that she isn't mobile which allows me to take so many pictures of her! 

I love that Will has a best friend.  They are so happy playing together.  They are like two peas in a pod.  When one of them is at the park and the other isn't, Loli says they seem a little lost.  They make each other laugh and play well together.  When we are at the store, Will always wants to get something for Armando.  Armando is always asking about Will as well.  I love that they are always thinking of each other.  I hope he continues to have friendships like this in his life!

I love that Will wants to be outside all the time.  That he will dig in the dirt looking for treasures or rolly pollys.  I love that he hasn't met a stranger, that he can get most people to do whatever he wants.  He has a charm about him, a sweetness in the way he asks for things.  I am so proud to be his mama!

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