Monday, October 3, 2011

My hardest day as a parent yet

 So yesterday started out so great.  It was Katie's 8 month birthday and Will turned 2.5.  We started the day by playing outside and trying on Will's old sunglasses he found in the garage. 

It was a gorgeous day with plans for a visit to the aquarium and likely a park or two.  Will loves the grocery store, and we needed to go... so that was the first stop.

We had just returned from a family shopping trip to Central Market.  Katie was getting hungry so I brought her inside while Chad and Will brought in the groceries.  I put Katie in her bumbo seat on the counter, and I turned to make her a bottle.  As I turned back around probably less than a minute later, Katie had twisted herself out of the chair and I saw her fall - face down and horizontal - right to the tile floor.  It was the most awful feeling the world to watch her fall and not be able to get to her in time.

I swooped her up and consoled her while yelling for Chad.  She was crying but wasn't inconsolable.  I was able to calm her down, but I was a wreck.  Will has probably never seen me cry, and he told me it was going to be ok.  Katie would go to the doctor. 

Chad took Will to our neighbors house.  Our neighbor Tara has three kids of her own, but she took Will in with open arms so she had four kids for the day.  I'm pretty sure she will be sainted.  

We then called 911.  I needed someone to tell me it was ok for me to drive her to the ED.  I was worried that I would be sitting next to her and her eyes might roll back in her head or something while we were in route.  The paramedics were great and Katie gave them lots of big smiles.  They told us she was likely ok, but recommended she get checked out.  So off we went to Childrens.

We had a fantastic experience at Childrens.  Everyone was wonderful to us.  My sister met us there and stayed with us while they checked Katie and observed her for a few hours.  The only thing different about her was that she really didn't like to be on her back.  I knew she was tired and figured that was why, but there is still a little voice that tells you it might a result of her fall.  The doctor ordered a CT scan which took less than 2 minutes.  I'm sure it was a terrifying 2 minutes for Katie as she was all bundled and taped to a table.  I had to hold her chin so she didn't move her head and Chad and I sang to her.  It was over quickly and most importantly the results came back clear.  She had no injury.

We were discharged and came home.  I went to get Will over at Tara's house.  He had a great day playing and attending his first lacrosse game.  The very first thing he said to me was "Is Katie ok?"  I told him she was and then he said "Mommy, I love you."  Poor guy - I think it must have been a little hard to see me crying earlier in the day.  Tara sent us home with a delicious dinner.  (Yes, she took care for four kids AND made us dinner AND washed Will's shirt.  Fabulous friend.  Total saint.)

I was exhausted and we definitely loved on the kids a little more than usual.  We were all in Will's bed reading books and playing.  Will got up to get another book, fell and busted his chin open on the foot board.  (The sound of a chin hitting wood is awful by the way.  Probably not as bad as the sound of Katie hitting the floor, but I didn't hear it as I was already yelling for Chad.)  He was bleeding, and crying...then coughing.  The combo of crying and coughing caused him to throw up as well.  So we got him all cleaned up and I had him hold his boppy (his blankie) on his chin to apply some pressure since he wouldn't let me hold a washcloth on it.  I really didn't want to go back to the hospital (the doc in the box was already closed).  It almost stopped bleeding and I figured we could put a band aid on it when I realized it might need a little more.  I texted Tara and next thing I knew she was ringing out doorbell with steri-strips.  Chad went to the store to get a few more, and got Will all bandaged up for the night. 

What a day.

Luckily everyone is ok.  It was definitely the hardest day I have had as a parent.  Katie's fall alone qualified, but then poor Will and his chin tipped the scales.  I have a feeling that we will need more steri-strips in coming months and years, but hopefully we won't have to experience the great care at Childrens again. 

Right now I am most thankful for the resilience of kids.  Katie and Will were both in great spirits soon after their injuries, but watching your children get hurt is just awful.  I am recovering from Katie's injury much slower than she is.  This was my first experience, and since I am sure they will get injured again, I hope it continues to be harder on me than on them. 

Will and his bandaged chin

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