Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day at the State Fair

 We took Will to the State Fair yesterday while Katie spent the day with Loli.  I have been to the State Fair a few times before, but honestly no prior visits were anywhere near as fun as our experience yesterday.  Will just loved the fair! 

We took the DART train to Fair Park which truly was a highlight in it of itself.  He loved being on the train and changing trains.  I think we could just ride the trains one day and he would be thrilled.

At the fair, he loved the "Little Hands on the Farm" exhibit where he got to help.  He fed (fake) hens, delivered food by driving a John Deere tractor, milked a (fake) cow, and planted seeds.  In the end, he got a (fake) dollar to spend at the store where he got a bag of Cheetos.  He was in heaven.

He also loved riding on the rides at Kidville.  Kidville rides are not meant for 5'11" moms and 6'1" dads, but we pretzeled our legs in there and rode with him.  He loved it and would have ridden all day if he could have.

Luckily, we lured him away with the petting zoo.  They had the cutest baby animals there - donkeys, camels, goats, chicks, alpaca, etc.  We fed them all! 

We took the train back home and Will was exhausted.  He is still talking about the fair today and he tells everyone about Big Tex.  I think our trip to the fair will be an annual tradition!

Chad and Will and Big Tex's boots

Planting seeds

This boy loves a tractor!

Delivering food to the cows

He looks like a natural

Riding the airplanes with his dad

I'm not sure who is having more fun here

Riding the cars with his mama

Onto the whales...

Feeding a baby camel

Feeding the goats

DART train back home

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  1. That last photo is cracking me up. Who is that woman behind Will? I thought Tammy Faye died...