Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girls Weekend

 Last weekend Katie and I stayed in Dallas while Will and Chad went to Austin for the UT BYU game. Chad was so excited to take Will to a game and have Will hear all the fans sing the Eyes of Texas together. Chad sings it to Will every night - he has Will put his horns up (which means Will puts one finger in the air) and they sing together. They met Bevo and had a blast. I think the image of Will with his backpack on walking away from the car towards the airport while holding Chad's hand in forever etched in my memory. It was so cute to see them off for their first boys weekend.

Katie and I had a great time together - it was so special for me to get some one-on-one time with her. We had our first park playdate with Cousin Andrew, and then went for a walk in the cold (64 degrees!) on Saturday morning, met a friend of lunch, and then visited Andrew and his parents in the afternoon. Katie and I went to church on Sunday morning for the 9/11 service. We did a lot with our 48 hours, but really the best times were the times we spend lying on the floor in her room playing or the time we spent swinging the park. It was great to give her my full attention - something that probably hasn't happened since my maternity leave.

My only complaint is that our house was SO quiet. It made me realize that Will and I are in constant communication with each other - we are always talking about something. With him gone, I found myself turning on music or the TV for some background noise.  The quiet was a good trade off to really spend time loving on Katie, but I was also so glad when our family of four was back together.

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  1. Yay! So glad you had a fun girls weekend. I totally understand about the quiet. I'm amazed at how quiet our house is when Andrew is at MDO. It's really pretty nice, I'm not going to lie. :)