Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bottomless Pit

Tonight Will had the biggest dinner he has ever had.  He ate peas, carrots, hummus, chicken, turkey sticks, yogurt, strawberries and guacamole.  Oh, and a slice of bread.

I assumed he was done once he finished his peas, carrots, strawberries, hummus and chicken.  I asked him if he was all done, and he shook his head no.  I opened the refrigerator and asked him if he wanted grapes.  He shook his head no.  I asked if he wanted guacamole, and he smiled.  So we had guacamole.  I then asked if he was all done and he shook he head no again.  Having finished the guac, I opened the fridge and asked if he wanted yogurt.  He smiled...and then finished a Yo Baby Yogurt.  I asked if he was all done, and he shook his head no....again.  At this point, we were running out of options.  I opened the fridge, and he didn't like what we had left to offer.  Luckily he smiled when I offered him a piece of bread.  Finally, after devouring the bread, he gave me his "all done" signal.  Our fridge is barren.

I loved tonight.  It was so fun to watch him commuicate.  He knew what I was asking and he knew what he wanted and also what he didn't want.  He is turning into a little boy!

On another note, when he was eating the guacamole...he put his fingers in his mouth and pulled out the little piece of tomato.  He then pounded it on the high chair tray as if to say "I HATE TOMATOES!"  It was funny how he could pick such a little piece out of the mix.  I hated tomatoes growing up... I probably did the same kind of thing to my parents.  I love seeimg his little personality shine through.

Good night my sweet little bottomless pit baby!

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