Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Will's First Flight

We made it to Cali! The trip was really uneventful. We do have more bags than I believe I have ever traveled with - I even had less when I spent a summer abroad. This amazed me as we shipped most major items... in the end there is just a lot of baby stuff you need... or your want to have in your bag of tricks in case you need it.

Everything went well. My favorite part was boarding the plane - we were the last folks to board in first class, and when we took our seats I saw most people do what I would have done. They had that look on their face that said "oh no, a baby in first class. What if he cries the whole time? Did I bring my bose headphones?" I gave that face for years, so I can recognize it a mile away. I know people understand and feel sorry for babies that are crying on flights, but I was really hoping we weren't going to be in the situation where people were feeling sorry for Will. Luckily, he did incredibly well. He drank milk on the way up, climbed all over us like we were his jungle gym, removed our glasses multiple times, took a good nap on me for an hour, and then ate sweet potatoes on the way down. He never made a single cry, but he did let out some good giggles after take off that had people commenting on how cute he was, etc. People seemed very friendly especially after they saw that Will handled flying like a champ.

One of my favorite images that I hope to keep in my head for a while (since I didn't have the camera handy) was watching Will sitting in Chad's lap and both of them were looking out the window as we were coming into Palm Springs. Will was loving the beautiful scenery (or maybe just the fact that we were moving) and it was just so cute to see the two of them in that moment.

After his first flight was such a huge success, I have faith that Will inherited my travel gene. Surely it is something that is in the DNA... I guess we will know for sure after the ride back home!


  1. woo hoo!!! congrats, and enjoy the vacation!!

  2. Glad to hear it went well! You know he can never go back to coach now...