Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 We took a spontaneous road trip right before school started.  We spent 2 nights in Houston and 2 nights in Austin. 

We had a great time visiting my best friend Amye and her family.  The kids all got along so well and they introduced us to bowling!  It was a huge hit with the kids and something they continue to talk about even weeks after our trip.

On our trip to Austin, Ahma and Bapa took the kids to Target to get a toy.  Katie got domestic and picked out an ironing board (which she calls her "blow dryer") and Will got a Power Ranger toy.  The kids felt like they hit the toy jackpot.  We also got to celebrate cousin Guerin's birthday!  Will was in awe of the cash he got from Great Grandma Jo! 

Bowling in style

Amye teaching Katie how to bowl

Katie and her ironing board

Katie and Lola

a penny for Will's thoughts here

playing with Guerin's new toy

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