Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Will could not have been more excited about his first day of Kindergarten.  He was up, dressed and ready to go well before it was time.

The first thing he was told to do was put his backpack in his locker.  This might have been the highlight of the day.  I just love the picture of Will looking at his locker like he is in awe.

Ms Finlay is an amazing teacher who has taught Kindergarten for over 30 years at Armstrong in the same classroom!  She truly loves what she does and it is evident.  Will is crazy about her and wants to know if she will babysit for him.

Will has two kids from HPPDS in his class - Parker and Jacqueline.  It was great to see familiar faces on the first day.

There are some really neat traditions at Armstrong.  As the kids were walking into school, a bagpiper was playing.  The HP Senior class came to all the Kindergarten classes and gave them a Class of 2027 shirt.  In a video of the event, the Seniors were telling the Kindergartners about how they will Seniors one day too and they will be visiting the Kindergartners.  It really was a neat event that left an impression on Will and me.  After school the Dad's Club served snow cones to the kids.  It was a great first day!

I think it will be a fabulous year at Armstrong!

Look at this locker!

Will and Ms Finlay

Snow Cones!

Ms Finlay's class in their new t-shirts!

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