Monday, September 16, 2013

Playdate with Armando and Adele

We spent Saturday evening in Allen with Will's best friend Armando and his sister Adele.  All 4 kids get along so well and I love catching up with Zarina and Tindoro.  We did our usual, pizza and wine outside, and midway through dinner the kids had an impromptu water party.  While that may have been the highlight for them, the highlight for me was listening to Will on the way home.

As soon as we got in the car, he started talking about Armando.  He kept telling me how Armando is his best friend, how he wished they lived closer (they used to live 3 doors down), and how we need to see them again soon - preferably with a sleepover.  He talked about where Armando would sleep, what all they would do.  It was non-stop.  It is amazing to me that he has this kind of friendship at age 4.  They have been best friends since Will was 1.5 years old!  They rarely fight and they are smiling the whole time they are together.  I thought the conversation we had on the ride home was similar to something I would have after a weekend with my best friend...reminiscing about how much fun we have together, planning our next get together, and wishing we lived closer. 

This time, while Will certainly wasnt excited to leave, Katie was the one that was more difficult to redirect to the car (at 930pm!).  She too had a great time.  There is just something special about how the kids relate to each other.  I hope they are all forever friends.

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