Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving to her Big Girl Bed

 We just moved Katie from her crib to a big girl bed!  I loved looking back at these sweet pictures of Katie sleeping in her crib. 

Katie loved her crib and really had no interest in getting out.  We only moved her since we were ready to get Will some bunk beds.  We needed to keep his queen sized bed for visitors, so we moved that into Katie's room.

Katie LOVES her new room.  She is so proud of her new big girl bed.  She rolled around in it yesterday when she saw it for the first time and then told Chad last night to "go" so she could sleep.  She seems to be adjusting just fine.

Will has no bed at the moment.  His room consists of some bookshelves, a love seat and two tents.  He loves that he has two tents and is hoping they will stay in his room forever.  He has a huge play area where we can build "the largest runway in the world" for his airplanes.  So while he is excited about his bunk beds, he is equally excited for his current room where he sleeps on the floor in a tent.  It has been so refreshing to be reminded how easily kids adapt and how little it takes to make them happy!

Last night in her crib!

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