Monday, July 8, 2013

Friday Swiming + Dell Children's

 We also visited one of the amazing Steiner Ranch pools while we were in Austin.  This one was great - so many neat featured that I didn't photograph including buckets that fill up with water and pour on your head!

Our visit was cut a little short when Will got out of the pool crying complaining his stomach hurt.  This was odd seeing as how the only time Will cries at the pool is when we need to go home.  He was pretty inconsolable.  I tried to give him food, but he kept saying he hurt.  I asked if he wanted to leave and he said yes.  All of this is really strange for Will.  On the way to the car I asked him where it hurt and he pointed to his right side - near his appendix.  He said it hurt to touch.

So, we called Dr Granddad who said it was best to get him checked out.  So we headed to Dell Children's for a few hours.  His pain subsided, so it wasn't his appendix but likely his first experience with a stomach cramp. 

Will loved the hospital - he even said "I just love this hospital - it has the best fish tanks."  We left with some gloves and masks for him and Katie, so in Will's eyes it was a great trip!


At Dell Children's - Triage

Vital check

Waiting for the doctor

On the mend

Will told Dr Gregg - "I just love stethoscopes!"

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