Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Circle of Life

Poor Will has had two circle of life experiences in about a week and a half.

He rescued a HUGE grasshopper from the pool.  It was really a big one - so cool to see.  He as so super proud to rescue it.  We got to watch it hop probably 2-3 times and then a bird came in and swooped it right up.

Next, Will finds this cicada.  He called them summer bugs, and he just loved this one.  He caught it in a neighbors driveway and made it a "house".  He was convinced the bug loved him.  I decided maybe we should relocate the home from the driveway to our yard and during the move he flew away and a bird grabbed him almost immediately.  Will was devasted and cried like crazy - "I wish there were no birds on this earth!"

We also found this bug in a neighbors yard.  We brought it home and kept it in a bug cage overnight.  Will is convinced the bug is still in our yard because he knows the bug loves him.  So sweet.  Just hoping he doesn't ask about him tomorrow!

If you are curious where Will gets his love for animals, here is a picture of my mom on a recent trip to Africa

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