Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Highs and Lows

Some days are easier than others.  For some unknown reason, Monday was a hard day for me.  Not sure exactly what it was... the overflowing laundry pile, the somewhat stressful and packed week ahead, the list of things I needed to do rolling though my head over and over.  Will also decided not to take a nap on Monday which makes for a tough evening as he was really tired and a little cranky.

Days like Monday test my patience with my kids, myself and with Chad.  They are tougher days that seem like they will never end, but as usual, after a day like that, the next day is typically wonderful and this was no exception.

Tuesday, Will was hilarious yesterday and full of love.  He said things like "I brought my boppies and teddy down so we could snuggle with you".  Out of the blue "I love you mommy" comment and when watching the beginning of Ice Age Continental Drift he said "Oh no, the earth is ripping!"  He gave his toy snake a bath and then flossed the snake's teeth while Katie put all of Will's Star Wars action figures to bed, telling each one "good night" as she laid they down.

It is those moments that make the tough Mondays disappear from my memory and encourage me to savor every moment with them. 

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